A Personalized Growth Experience in the Wilderness

This personalized growth experience will take place in the wilderness of the BWCA. It is an intensive experience that provides clarity and direction for those trying to bring about change in life and career. It can be used to enhance and support one’s current growth, or serve as a singular life-changing experience. This wilderness experience is created especially for you to be an effective tool for self-reflection, healing and change. This experience is meant to give you the clarity of what you want, the time to reflect on creating it, clearing any blockages you may have, in an environment unbridled with a supportive team to encourage your success.

What You Can Expect From this Personal Wilderness Experience:

  • In-depth personal growth experience.
  • A safe, thoughtful, and dynamic approach.
  • Pre and post experience support.
  • Life-Coaching and Wilderness Guiding.
  • Contemplative experiences.
  • Instruction of basic wilderness skills (as needed).

Personal Wilderness Experience is Most Effective if You:

  • Are serious and committed to living a successful and conscious life.
  • Have a love for nature or the outdoors.
  • Want to understand more about your purpose in life and how to listen to the guidance of your soul.
  • Are willing and able to take time for you to be in the wilderness.
  • Are seeking the support to work intensively with current life issues and struggles.
  • Are looking for or enjoy being with a group of like-minded people.
  • Are seeking enhancement in relationship, career and life.

Please contact us for more information about creating a personalized wilderness experience.

Foggy morning

This is no Boundary Waters Survivor episode. This transformational trip is a canoeing and wilderness experience for women. It is a journey in to you (JOY). An opportunity to explore the wilderness and your self, with the support and encouragement of other women. There are no “extreme survivor” components. We will customize the trip to the skills of the women who have signed up to participate.

It will be a beautiful and joyful experience – just a little north of ordinary!

This is an example, weather and participant’s experience levels determine the route: 


We start our adventure on the Gunflint Trail at Seagull Lake Outfitters.  There we will have an overnight stay in a nice cabin to get organized and meet the group.

The plan is to take a 4 day loop south of Poplar Lake.  Poplar Lake is found halfway up the Gunflint Trail. It is an option that will not be overly challenging so the novice canoeists will be comfortable. Our goal is to get into a wilderness setting and experience the beauty and challenge of living simply.

We will get a ride south down the Gunflint Trail from our outfitter location on Seagull Lake. This will be about a 24 mile truck ride to where we will be dropped off at the public landing in Poplar Lake.

From Poplar Lake, we’ll paddle to the south central shoreline of the lake to the portage for Lizz Lake. Here you enter in to the BWCAW. This is a fairly well traveled route so the portage trails are clear and obvious. From Lizz we’ll portage to Caribou Lake via a 70 rod portage on the southernmost part of the lake. Once on Caribou, we’ll paddle around a large peninsula to the southeastern part of the lake to find the short portage into Horseshoe Lake. From Horseshoe to Gaskin is our toughest portage of the day, so save some energy for it as it ascends up over a hill and then back down to Gaskin Lake. This is where we’ll spend the first night on one of the numerous campsites.

Now we are nestled in an area of small lakes where our group can choose our challenge level.  We can choose to travel each day and discover other unique camp sites, or stay at the same site for a day and venture without gear on a short day trip.  On travel days we plan to paddle 4-5 hours a day.  Leaving camp after a good breakfast, find a fun spot for shore lunch and set up a new camp by mid afternoon.  Time for thinking, talking, swimming and maybe a little fishing!


The next day on our way south we’ll see the large Misquah Hills that tower over Winchell Lake on the southern shore. We’ll continue west to Omega Lake. Omega boasts a couple of nice large campsites, so may be a great place to spend the second night. Then, circle back east into Henson, Pilsbury and Meeds where we can make decisions based on the groups needs and interests.

The whole area offers some very decent fishing along the way, wildlife viewing opportunities, scenic rock outcrops and some fairly smaller to midsize lakes. There are also numerous day trip opportunities off of this route, so there is plenty offered in that variety along our way.