Here is some background information on the two women who started Transformational Treks and are the guides for your Journey. LuAnn and Lori bring in other leaders as needed, all who have a passion for getting away and spending time on the Journey of You.

Lori guides trekLori is a middle school science teacher with extensive experience leading groups of all kinds. She is passionate about wilderness travel and taking the opportunity to refresh your spirit through time outdoors. Her greatest pleasure is to help others find joy in the richness of a wilderness experience. Lori has lead groups from middle school through adults on a variety of canoeing and backpacking experiences. She has been navigating in the BWCA since childhood trips with family.


LuAnn guides trekLuAnn is a personal coach and certified facilitator of the Passion Test. Her passion is to help others find their passions and live a life of joy & fulfillment. Using her talents as an event planner, she creates inspiring events that help women to find themselves and have the courage to live their dreams.

While working with a group of women at Lori’s home the two discovered their mutual desire to take women on wilderness trips for personal growth and renewal of spirit. Lori and LuAnn were raised in a family of 7 children, vacations were always about camping and exploring various National Parks. Their father went one step further as he ventured with them into the BWCA for extended wilderness adventures. They were hooked into the beauty and splendor of this unique landscape. Here they learned the joy of paddling into new lakes, discovering unique campsites, and simple meals cooked over a fire. They relished the physical challenges of portages, long paddles and handling whatever weather nature dished out that year. As young girls they found the peace, strength and inspiration provide by those lakes and trees.