We are looking for women who like…deep discussions with friends, desire to learn more and grow more, want less stress and anxiety in their life, are looking for clarity in their life, work hard and play hard, like to talk and learn about the nature of life while appreciating Mother Nature, like an adventure, who appreciate girl time, who deserve a break from their kids and spouse. Who value self care and find time to take care of self. Women who like to share their gift and expertise with others. It may be women going through some life changing transition; job change, hate their job, need more meaning in their work, looking for answers, struggling with a relationship, lost a relationship, desire a relationship, lost a family member, empty nesters. Women who like self discovery and simply want more out of life than the mundane day in and day out existence of the so called “comfort zone”.

If any of these speak to you, one of our Treks is right for you…we create a sacred space where people feel loved and supported, where breakthroughs happen and peace begins! Take a risk for once, step into you and join us, for your transformation!!!

Our participants say it best! May you be inspired to come on along!

I entered my transformational trek with some apprehension as I have not camped since I was a child, and never in the type of wilderness setting we were going to. Canoeing, portaging, making camp at night, campfire cooking, etc, were all very foreign to me. Lori and LuAnn were wonderful about talking through any fears and questions ahead of time, connecting with us to make sure we were comfortable with what to pack, and assuring us of their knowledge and expertise ahead of time.

WOW is all I can say! What an incredible experience. I feel so empowered with all that I can do. We all worked together beautifully as a team. There were no complaints, we all had our strengths, and complimented one another very well. There is a definite satisfaction to knowing that a group of women (in this case all above 50) survived and thrived during our trek. Lifelong friendships were created, and the peace, beauty and tranquility of the BWCAW is truly awesome. I will definitely be attending future treks with Lori and LuAnn, and know that I will gain something new and wonderful from each experience.

Beverly Jackson