A Journey OF You: “JOY”, are trips designed to help You be You.

It is an opportunity for you to be you. To hang out with people, that are like you. Those that think like you do. Those that act like you do. Those that want to be like you or maybe those you want to be like.

It is a space of no judgment and unconditional support, in the most beautiful environments in the world.

We are one with the universe and one with mother earth. So, what a better place to experience self discovery than with nature? What a better place to find one’s self than in the place in space that created us?

Join us in our transformational journeys with each other. In all experiences, we learn from each other. We begin with a message to contemplate throughout our journey. Along the way we add to it with our experiences and the support needed from one another.

All that is important in life is the love and support of one another to find ourselves. This is the trip for you to find the support you need to find and be YOU!!

“Because when you get connected to your life’s flow, everything comes easier.”
– LuAnn Buechler

Journey of YOU

 “Getting away with a group of women for a bit of time is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Time alone, to ponder, to love, to explore the JOY of all the world has to offer you is priceless. Do it now.” – Beth M. Anderson

You can find more information on scheduled Treks on this page, and more about the women leading the treks here. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, pampered Trek or a true Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trek or something in between, we have it for you.

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) is written up in the New York Times here:
On the Water, and Into the Wild